Electronic component remanufacturing

We met Jean-Charles Trochon, co-founder of Cotrolia, the French leader in automotive electronic reconditioning. With topics such as costs, warranty and process,  discover this solution which offers a second life to electronic car parts. 

Fast bodywork: getting equipped for smart repairs !

Fast bodywork: new techniques, new equipment. Practical case studies. Our teams met with Jimmy Baudeau, Head of bodywork and paintwork at CESVI FRANCE, part of the Covéa Group.

Remanufacturing, a new trend in the workshop !

Discover what remanufacturing is about with Jean-Michel Guarneri, Director of LRPI and Julien Dubois, President of France Auto Reman. 

HGV workshop: CNG is here and now !

Discover natural gas maintenance for HGVs. EQUIP AUTO Paris met Luc Darpheuil, HGV Activity Director at AUTO DISTRIBUTION and Guillaume Dallerit, training consultant at DAF Conseil. 

Remote electronic repairs in action !

Electronic maintenance:
Case study with Gérard Pérod, Technical Manager, AD Expert Corzé and Anthony Furois, Manager AD Expert Corzé.

Young people in the workshop: block release training bounces back!

What can you do as an after-sales professional to recruit, motivate and retain a young person ?
Our teams met Pascal Brethomé, Founder of Garage BRETHOME
For years, labour shortages have been handicapping after-sales professionals. How can the situation be reversed and how can we attract young people back into training? Valérie Chiron, head of department at ANFA offers a few answers.

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