Talks and round tables

A programme of conferences 100% focused on the user, the maintenance and automotive service professional.

A concentrate of information, reflection and decision support, over three days, with 3 major forums and 12 conferences.

3 Major Forums

28/09 : 15h30-17h00 - Forum No. 1: Journey to the heart of parts and services distribution in Europe. 

The secrets of multi-specialists in supplies, services and brands for car maintenance and repair professionals. Discovery of distribution in Europe, innovative services, support and training for repairers in France. 

29/09: 11:10-12:10 - Forum No. 2: Special 2-wheel motor vehicles, an after-sales market to discover 

EQUIP AUTO Lyon will be highlighting the after-sales market for motorcycles. A motorbike sector that is becoming more and more extensive, with the development of thermal and electric scooters, pollution control and the forthcoming prospect of a technical inspection in France.

29/09: 15:45-17:00 - Forum No. 3: Hydrogen Special: Hydrogen: an alternative for decarbonising mobility 

EQUIP AUTO Lyon is opening up to the hydrogen sector. On the occasion of its 2023 edition, which is held in parallel with the Lyon Motor Show, EQUIP AUTO is organising a major Forum on hydrogen on Friday 29 September. This is an obvious choice, at a time when manufacturers are considering alternatives to all-electricity to respond to the decarbonisation of the automobile, road transport and, more generally, mobility. Within the Auvergne-Rhônes-Alpes region, which is strongly committed to this theme, EQUIP AUTO wishes to bring together the main players involved in hydrogen in France. The conference will provide an overview of the situation: how hydrogen is developing in mobility? what pace will the infrastructure follow? what type of vehicles? what consequences for maintenance, servicing and the industry? opportunities for retrofitting, etc. 
Manufacturers: Hyvia and Stellantis
Equipment manufacturers: Symbio, Michelin, Plastic Omnium
Federations: PFA, SIA, France Hydrogène
Other players: HRS (H2 filling stations), GCK (retrofit)

12 conferences


Sustainable development and ecology

  • Remanufacturing 
  • Re-use parts 
  • Recycling and end of life of automotive waste and components 

New maintenance technologies

  • The S.O.H. (State Of Health), the state of health of electric vehicle batteries 
  • New equipment to recalibrate ADAS  
  • European news on maintenance data 

Product and service innovation

  • Special tyres 
  • Bodywork 
  • Maintenance of classic vehicles 
  • Washing 
  • Customer relations 

Human resources

Special recruitment shortage 

All conferences will benefit from simultaneous French-English translation and will be broadcasted in live stream on EQUIP AUTO Youtube channel

Replay of EQUIP AUTO Paris 2022 conferences

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