Exhibition: "The tyre has a history, the tyre has a future"

Here you will find all the latest news in the run-up to the edition of EQUIP AUTO Lyon 
held from 28 to 30 September at EUREXPO Lyon.

"The tyre has a history, the tyre has a future"

In the Tyre & Innovation Village, you could discover an exclusive exhibition retracing the history and development of the tyre. Since its invention in 1888, the tyre has never ceased to evolve, culminating in the highly successful product we know today.

From dimensional changes to tread pattern design and new, sometimes revolutionary  technologies, this fascinating journey will be showcased at the heart of the exhibition, also providing an opportunity to showcase the work of tyre manufacturers. Tyres are an integral part of the product offering available to aftermarket and service professionals, in the same way as spare parts or services.

Today the focus of new technological progress to improve safety and eco-awareness, they should not be seen merely as a loss leader, but as truly essential products in the aftermarket. Consequently, it appeared only natural to EQUIP AUTO and the French Tyre Association to extend this exclusive theme area by adding a display on the innovations that will shortly be arriving on the market and on the concepts that are foreshadowing the tyres of the future.

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