Winners of the International Award 

for Automotive Innovation 🏆


Winner in the Bodywork Category
At R-M, our commitment to sustainable development is a priority and an integral part of the BASF Group's strategy. 
Over the last few years, R-M has launched several product ranges in line with this approach. Firstly, the Pioneer Series range, the first eco-designed range on the market. Then there is the AGILIS line, which, with its 250 g/l VOC content, exceeds the requirements of European legislation in terms of VOC limits. With the launch of L'Amplifier, R-M has gone one step further and now offers a product that is 'unique' on the market.
Added to the AGILIS line, it allows paint left over from previous jobs to be reused, significantly reducing waste and related costs. This versatile and revolutionary waterborne and tintable speciality also makes it possible to paint new car parts in half the time of the standard process. With this product, R-M is targeting eco-efficiency and taking workshop efficiency to the next level. By enabling more repairs to be carried out in less time, and therefore allowing more repairs to be carried out in a day in the body shop, this is proof if any were needed of our commitment to the profitability of body shops, the protection of the planet and taking into account the environmental requirements of drivers.

Exclusive interview with Eric VERWATCH, BASF R-M Sales & Operations Director for France

IAM alternative solution for repairing and upgrading EV batteries

Winner in the Services for Professionals Category
A concept designed for OEMs and IAM garages to repair and upgrade electric vehicle batteries. A complete functional concept of new services enabling a mechanical garage to enter the world of electric vehicles. Keep the old BEV on the road and in the aftermarket instead of scrapping the car.
After-sales services to upgrade batteries to a higher capacity. Diagnose the battery down to cell level. We offer a battery service centre capable of diagnosing, repairing and upgrading batteries using new modules or giving a second life to older modules that are still in good condition.
EV 8-10 year olds get a second chance with us!

Exclusive interview with Bogumil PAPIERNOK, CEA of Evorkshop

Battery PRO E-HEALTH Charge

Winner in the Repairs & Maintenance Category
MAHLE BatteryPRO E-HEALTH Charge: charging and diagnostics like never before. MAHLE Aftermarket is the first on the market to launch an absolute novelty for multi-make workshops: the first system for analysing the data collected during the charging process of a vehicle, which provides a complete analysis of the condition of the electric drive train.
Thanks to the combined work of E-CHARGE and TechPRO® (E-HEALTH function), all this is possible in just 15 minutes.

The system includes : 
Mobile chargers for electric vehicles with a capacity of 20 kW or 10 kW. They can operate in DC or AC mode. They contain powerful software capable of recording the relevant parameters during the charging process and transmitting them to the connected diagnostic device.

Via the vehicle's OBD connection, it retrieves the additional parameters needed to optimise the analysis of the battery pack and transmits them to the cloud to receive a detailed report on the state of health of the battery pack in just a few minutes.

Reliable database containing information on battery performance parameters.
It receives the data collected by E-CHARGE and TechPRO® (E-HEALTH Charge software), analyses it, reclassifies it and compares it with the original characteristics of the model.

Exclusive interview with Leonie MEYER, MAHLE Aftermarket Sales Manager


Winner in the Engineering Category
The MICHELIN Uptis tyre is a major innovation in the tyre sector and a key step in the development of a fully sustainable tyre by 2050. It is the result of some fifty patents relating to tyre structure and high-tech materials. It demonstrates Michelin's ability to innovate in favour of safer and more environmentally-friendly mobility.
This prototype is a puncture-proof wheel/tyre assembly, without compressed air, designed for cars and light commercial vehicles. The compressed air has been replaced by a revolutionary structure capable of supporting the vehicle. This ensures the robustness of the assembly and guarantees driving comfort and safety.
It's a ready-to-use solution that allows users to drive with peace of mind, without worrying about the hazards of the road.
The MICHELIN Uptis is currently the only airless tyre in the world to be used on open roads, in real-life conditions, on three continents with almost 3 million kilometres covered. With the Uptis prototype, Michelin is primarily targeting the market for fleets of light commercial vehicles intended for professional use, in particular for deliveries.
A French and European first: La Poste has chosen Michelin to equip its postmen's vehicles with MICHELIN Uptis puncture-proof tyres.
The puncture-proof MICHELIN Uptis tyre will equip 40 La Poste vans in the Hauts-de-France region by the end of 2024. Thanks to the MICHELIN Uptis tyre, which eliminates the problems of poor pressure and punctures, La Poste will be able to reduce downtime and maintenance operations,
La Poste will be able to reduce downtime and maintenance operations for its fleet. It will thus be able to ensure better continuity of its activities and services. From an environmental point of view, eliminating the problems of punctures and under-inflation will reduce the number and frequency of tyre replacements, thereby limiting the number of tyres that need to be replaced and frequency of tyre replacement, thereby limiting any wastage.

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