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Find out more about the participation of KUKA, SERVICE NEXT, WATTPARK - ALL IN FACTORY, GATES and WOLF 
in the Innovation & Tech corner of the Start-up Village at EQUIP AUTO Lyon.


Come and discover 2 KUKA robots: an articulated arm for assembling EVs in the factories of the future, the KR QUANTEC automobile, and a collaborative robot for the workshops and garages of the future, the LBR iisy 11kg. 

KR QUANTEC automotive 
The robot for a responsible automotive industry

The KR QUANTEC automotive is a robot typically used in automated automotive production lines. This recent model, controlled by the KR C5 control panel, consumes less electricity than its predecessors, enabling users to control their energy consumption and thus the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of their production tool. This initiative is part of KUKA's sustainable robotics approach.

LBR iisy 11kg 
The industrial Cobot for automation and collaboration.  

It stands out for its speed, being the fastest on the market. LBR iisy's fluid, touch-sensitive manual guidance makes it easy to use and intuitive to program. Ideal for overcoming labour shortages and carrying out tedious tasks. This makes automation accessible to small and medium-sized businesses! You don't need to be a large group with extensive human and financial resources. The LBR iisy is a collaborative industrial robot that's easy to set up and get production up and running quickly.


SERVICE NEXT is set to unveil a major innovation: virtual reality headsets designed specifically to revolutionise technician training in the garages of the future. 

This technological breakthrough promises to radically transform the way automotive professionals acquire and perfect their skills.
Thanks to these cutting-edge virtual reality headsets, technicians will have access to an immersive and interactive learning environment. They will be able to practise and learn in realistic simulations, reproducing all the situations encountered in modern garages. This includes complex vehicle repair, diagnosis and maintenance scenarios.


Discover the range of fluids dedicated to electric vehicles from WOLF:

    Automatic transmission fluids: These specially formulated fluids ensure the smooth transmission of electrical power, contributing to a fluid and efficient driving experience. 
    Coolants: Electric vehicles require an efficient cooling system to maintain the optimum temperature of batteries and electrical components. 
    Greases: WOLF's special greases are essential to ensure proper lubrication of the moving parts and mechanisms of your electric vehicle. 
    Brake fluids: Safety is paramount, even in electric vehicles. WOLF brake fluids are formulated to meet the rigorous requirements of this type of vehicle.


Come and discover the latest-generation WATTPARK electric car with a mobile recharging system.

Wattpark is the 1st collaborative, bookable, shareable and monetisable charging point 100% Made In France! 

It will also be on display at the "F-CITY, the electric shuttle accessible to all, 100% Made In France!

The latest-generation WATTPARK electric car embodies the future of sustainable mobility. It is equipped with cutting-edge technology that combines power, efficiency and versatility. With considerable range and impressive driving performance, this electric car is designed to meet all your travel needs.

One of the most striking features of the latest-generation WATTPARK is its integrated mobile charging system. Imagine the freedom of being able to recharge your vehicle anywhere, whether at home, on the road or even during your escapades in the great outdoors. With this mobile charging system, you can say goodbye to worries about the availability of charging points. You can recharge your car at your convenience, wherever you go.


Fort de 40 ans d’expérience dans la conception et la fabrication d’entraînements par courroie comme alternative demandant moins d’entretien, résistante à la rouille, plus silencieuse et plus robuste aux entraînements par chaîne pour les utilisateurs de deux-roues.

Carbon  Drive de Gates rafraîchit son catalogue de produits avec de nouvelles  gammes de composants étendues, offrant des poulies, des courroies et des pédaliers optimisés de dernière génération pour les vélos électriques, les vélos classiques et les vélos ultra-performants.

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