The digital community

EQUIP AUTO creates a new digital ecosystem for its community

Interested in developing your network all year round ?
EQUIP AUTO provides you with a simple solution thanks to its new website:

  • Generate leads all year round
  • Facilitate contacts between exhibitors and visitors
  • Qualify your contacts during the event thanks to the badge reader integrated in the show's mobile application (unlimited use licence).

6 simple solutions to enhance your network :

1/ Contact requests on your profile

From the exhibitor search on the website, by clicking on your company details, visitors can make an appointment with you, send you a contact request or chat directly with you.

2/ Visitors interested in your products

From your company page, visitors can discover the products that you entered when you signed up for the online catalogue (you can add several products, including 1 photo and several lines of description for each of them).

3/ People who sign up for and watch your webinars

Thanks to the new EQUIP AUTO website, you can organise one or more live webinars on it.
It will be highlighted on the home page of the site, also accessible from your company page.

4/ Visitors who watch your webinars in catch-up

Visitors can view the recordings of your webinars all year round through your company page.
All your webinars will be available.

5/ Messaging (chat and video)

Visitors can use the "Chat" button on the website and/or directly via your company profile to get in touch with you with the messaging feature.
A pop-up will indicate that a member of the community wishes to chat with you.

6/ Scheduled business meetings

Visitors can use your company profile to request an appointment at the exhibition.
Simply enter your availability in your calendar.

How does it work?

Discover the new EQUIP AUTO digital community in less than 2 minutes!
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