Repairs, maintenance, tooling and diagnostics

The activity of each of the players in the automotive after-sales sector varies depending on the age of the vehicles but also according to the needs of motorists.

Maintenance breaks down into three main sectors of activity:

Regular services:
  • Servicing / vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Oil changes.
  • Seasonal services

All these visits represent approximately 50% of all visits to workshops
Tyre changes:
While they could be compared with a servicing operation and are often carried out at the same time as an oil change, they are considered to be a separate segment due to their importance.
Other repairs:
  • Specific non-immobilising problems
  • Post vehicle inspection repairs which require the vehicle to undergo a second roadworthiness inspection
  • Breakdowns
  • Road accidents.
It should be noted that all of these segments together represent approximately one in three workshop visits.

The sector's product categories

- Repairs - Maintenance and diagnostics :
Electronic diagnostics, electronic maintenance
Fluid transfer equipment
Lifting equipment
Mechanical repair equipment
Mobile workshop fittings
Personal protective equipment for technicians
Test and tuning equipment
Tools and smaller equipment
Tyre mainenance and repair
Workshop equipment for CNG vehicle maintenance


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