3 Questions to SAS DIF'GO

 Why did you decide to exhibit at EQUIP AUTO Lyon 2023? 

We are participating in EQUIP AUTO Lyon 2023 to raise awareness of our STOP&GO brand in the French automotive aftermarket.

What opportunities does it offer your company? 

This is an opportunity for us to present all our solutions to repel martens, martens and rodents from the engine compartments of vehicles, to automotive professionals.
It is an opportunity to meet many professionals who do not yet know our brand and our solutions.
It's an opportunity to get in touch with automotive parts distributors and promote our STOP&GO range to their customers.
It is also an opportunity to meet our customers in a different context than usual.
What new developments will you be presenting at the show?

STOP&GO's news for 2023 is the presentation of our new 7 and 8 PLUS-MINUS "CLIP" high-voltage devices.
The 7 and 8 PLUS-MINUS "CLIP" high-voltage devices are the solutions that work according to the principle of electric fencing with unbeatable efficiency.
They are the easiest and quickest products to install to protect your vehicle from martens, martens and other rodents.
The 7 PLUS-MINUS "CLIP" high-voltage device with 12V connection or the 8 PLUS-MINUS "CLIP" high-voltage device with battery operation and no connection to the vehicle's on-board circuit,
have the advantage that they can be easily removed and re-installed in a new vehicle and also offer great flexibility.
In addition, with our 4-year guarantee on all STOP&GO devices, safety is guaranteed for many years.
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