3 Questions to VBSA
Why did you decide to exhibit at EQUIP AUTO Lyon 2023? 

Our two main reasons for exhibiting in Lyon are on the one hand, that one show every year for our industry is too long, and on the other hand, that it is a time that is constantly evolving and having an intermediate show on a national scale is a good solution for us.
Additionally, we find that visitors travel less, and think it would be wise to exhibit in Lyon because it is the capital of southern France, whereas Paris is the capital of the north.

What opportunities does it offer your company ?
A trade show is always a great opportunity to shake hands and talk face to face.
The exchanges at these moments offer us as manufacturers a lot of valuable learnings.
Even if distributors are talented people, they are often unable to listen to detailed feedback on this product or that product.
What new developments will you be presenting at the show ?

Of course, dynamometry "version 4.0"... car maintenance and repair shops will be top of the list!
We want to investigate what  auto repair will look like in the coming years and especially  understand the interrogations and requests of the professionals on their future needs...
Not just "marketing" tools but common sense tools designed for the efficiency of professionals... so we must listen to them!

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